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NEWS 2021


The travel season is in full swing, but the number of travel destinations is still restricted world-wide.

In addition, the fact that official travel regulations issued may be changed quickly, as we have seen every month, is not helpful at all.

A few more live lectures had been taken place and we hope, that this will continue in the future. Also a number of live web-sessions with presentations have been created and held for several clients from the travel trade.

Our partner agency from India, 21 Kraft, is in progress to finalise last details of the multi lingual homepage, which will be available in the world wide web very soon.
We look forward to see the German speaking version of the website, which will give valueable information about the company and its stylish, luxury programs to tour operator, travel agents and MICE agencies.

Our partner company from Costa Rica, Travel Excellence, will attend at "Emotions", a travel trade show which will be held for four days in Sevilla this September. Carlos Blanco, the Commercial Director of Travel Excellence, will attend the show from September 26th until 29th.
If you would like to make an appointment with Carlos, please let us know at anytime and we will be glad to asisst.


The travel season has started already, but the number of travel destinations is small and restricted to Europe. In addition, the fact that travel regulations issued by governments can be changed quickly, as we have seen this month, is not helpful at all.

Apart from this we are glad to announce that we had a few personal lectures and the number of webinars has gone up.

Of course we hope that the number of people fully vaccinated will grow fast world-wide and that we can start with our daily routine soon, as it was before Covid_19 started its way.


The handling of the pandemic in Germany and other countries in Europe is getting better slowly, but Covid_19 is still affecting many countries on all continents with dramatic situations in several areas. Let's hope that this situation will change as soon as possible. Our thoughts and prayers are with all people affected, especially our colleagues from the travel trade and their beloved ones.

As the situation here is changing here, the Wanderlust ist still alive and due to this, people are still looking for virtual tours actually. So we are glad to announce that requests for online presentations is rising and we love to bring people to other countries and continents on a virtual basis. Pictures and a well told story with a nice voice...Yes!

We're also glad to announce that we will introduce new business partner here soon - we keep you updated....


We are proud to announce, that we have started a cooperation with the incoming agency 21 KRAFT of INDIA, the major travel management company with head office in New-Delhi.

The travel krafters' spend time in knowing their customers and their needs, to plan a perfect itinerary which fits each individual requirements.

The people of 21 Kraft understand the destination and the challenges that may come with it, thus they are prepared to adapt and modify based on the situation.

Please find more information at our partner section.

Travel Excellence of Costa Rica was pleased to "exhibit" virtually during the online ITB last month.

We took the opportunity to meet new customers and we`re glad to announce, that interest of travel trade pro's for the destination Costa Rica was rising and we met a good number of new business partners. But, everybody at the travel trade looks forward to 2022 with a "normal" trade show in Berlin.

Finally, the number of requests to promote tour packages at online sessions has gone up and we will be glad to present several tours in the foreseeable future.

But, same, same as with Itb - we hope that we can present tour packages and destinations at Live-Shows again during the next months.

So, let's hope that vaccination goes on and we're all back on the track soon.....


....and the beat.....same, same, but different......

Travel Excellence of Costa Rica will attend the ITB NOW virtual fair, from 9th to 12th March.

The Commercial Director Carlos Blanco (carlos@te.cr), the head of the FIT sales department and in charge of the Nordic market Cynthia Sanchez (cynthia@te.cr), and the German-Speaking Market Senior Executive Marcel Hoffmaister (marcel@te.cr), will be delighted to meeting you, provide first hand and fresh information about the current situation in our country, market and product trends, and to support your promotional efforts.

If you look for a reliable and innovative partner, to create impressive and unforgettable moments for your customers in one of the most beatutiful countries in the world, please feel free to contact our colleagues at Travel Excellence or Markus, here at Forward Destinations, at anytime.


....and the beat.....same, same......

The pandemic.....OK, you all know what it's all about, as Corona is still around the world and the news are full of it. So, let's look forward and let's concentrate on the future!

But, as you all know, the situation at the travel trade industry has changed a lot during the past month and many companies, which had been successfull in the travel trade for many decades, had to stop their business.

Unfortunately, our long-term business partner from southern Africa was affected by this and we're very sorry to announce, that Absolut Tours & Safaris terminated their operations at all destinations, served for nearly 30 years, last month.

We send our best wishes for the future to all former staff in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, good luck, all the best and "May the force be with you"!

But, life and business goes on and we are in negotiations with prominent incoming agencies and DMC from Africa and other continents to start representation in the German speaking region. Of course, we will keep you updated here.

We're glad to announce that we started a business partnership with one of the major DMC - incoming agencies of Latin America:

Travel Excellence in Costa Rica.

If you look for a reliable and innovative partner, to create impressive and unforgettable moments for your customers in one of the most beatutiful countries in the world, please feel free to contact us at anytime. Please see our partner site for more information and just click HERE.


....and the beat goes on.....still Covid_19...!

The Corona virus is still around us but we can see "light at the end of the tunnel" as several vaccines are available now to help us out of this terrible situation.

So, we will get back to life, as it has been before the pandemic starts, and hopefully many of us will be able to explore the world again - may be from the 2nd half of this year.

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